Odéon-Ag Firmware

How do I know if my Odéon-Ag has a reclocker board installed?

Most electronic equipments operate with the help of a micro-computer which orchestrate the running operations. These micro-computers execute instructions of a program called the firmware which is a stable program at the time a product hits the market (unlike computer programs sold by larger corporations). However, it is still desirable to upgrade the firmware to support new standards not in place at the time the product was developped. The Odéon-Ag employs a DSP which processes the digital data, supervises the conversion process and handles the user interface (buttons, remote control, etc). Here is the detail of the software revisions since the product hit the market and how to recognize them.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 is the initial firmware shipped. There are about 200 units out with this version on the market. It is very stable and funcional. The animation below illustrates how an Odéon-Ag running version 1.0 identifies itself upon powerup. Notice how the powerup sequence does a quick sweep test of the led lights after which it falls immediately into operating mode. In this example it is connected to a CD 44.1KHz source on input 1. While version 1.0 supports the re-clocker board upgrade, it does not acknowledge it's presence in any visual way.

Notice how in version 1.0, the power LED doesn't go off during the LED's test.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the firmware changed the LED blinking pattern upon power-up allowing the user to see at a glance if the unit is upgraded with the re-clocker board option. The two animations below illustrate an Odéon-Ag with the Re-Clocker board upgrade installed and an Odéon-Ag stock, without options. Notice how the power LED goes off during the initial led sweep test sequence, indicating firmware version 1.1, and then flashes once before falling into operating mode. It is during this flash that it is possible to see if a unit has the upgrade or not.

With Reclocker Board Option: Notice how after the initial sweep, the power LED flashes along with one or two of the red LEDs

Without Reclocker Board: Notice how after the initial sweep, the power LED alone flashes once.